What is Beltane? The spiritual significance of May Day

What is Beltane? And how does it affect you spiritually & emotionally.

Beltane is an ancient Celtic holiday, celebrated on May 1st. It was a fertility festival; a day when the Celts celebrated nature’s ability to reproduce. On this day they performed rituals, and prayed that their fields would be fertile & their summer harvests bountiful.

The Celts called this day Beltane, but May 1st has been a traditional spring festival in many cultures.

Beltane marks the midpoint between the Spring Equinox & the Summer Solstice. These days at the middle of the season are called cross quarter days. They divide the quarters of the year, set by the solstices & the equinoxes.

The ancient Celts actually used these cross quarter days as the division between the seasons. For them, Beltane was the beginning of summer. There are historians who believe some Celtic people may have even observed 8 distinct seasons, instead of the traditional 4.

By the mid-point in the season, there is a clear difference in the energy from the beginning of the season. You can see that the wheel has shifted. What’s happening in nature, the energy in the natural world is different here at Beltane, than it was just 6 weeks ago at the Spring Equinox.

At the Spring Equinox, life was just beginning to emerge. Depending on where you live, there may have been snow on the ground in mid-March. But here, at the beginning of May, there is no denying that the Earth has been reborn. The colors are vibrant. The air is growing warmer.

The Wheel has turned. The energy is growing.

Beltane is a joyful & celebratory time of year. It is the time of year for celebrating life. All life. And the pleasures of being alive.

Beltane is the time to acknowledge & honor the fertility inherent in all life. At Beltane we celebrate the life force within all of us & within the natural world. It’s a traditional time to celebrate the mothers, and their ability to birth new life.

This is the time of year for reclaiming your sexual energy.

Not simply the power sex has to create new life, but also for the pleasure it brings us. At this time of year, every act of pleasure is a celebration of the life force within you. That is why your spirit chose this life, after all – to experience the pleasures your Soul can’t experience without your body to touch things & to feel things.

This is the time of year to celebrate your body! To celebrate all the things your body can do & all the things you are able to experience because you have a body.

At this time of year the life force is rising. In all of us. And in nature.

The energy is expanding outward. We’re moving into the season of GOing & DOing. It’s the time of year for growing & adventuring.

This outward-focused energy is Yang energy. Summer is the Yang side of the Wheel of the Year. So right now the energy is growing & building. And we can feel that energy growing & building in our spirits. This time of year we tend to want to be outside. We feel excited about projects & plans & things to come.

Beltane is a great time of year for plugging into your self-confidence. It’s a beautiful time to connect with your Self. To embrace the amazing, strong, gorgeous being that you are. Don’t be afraid to push your very best, unique, talented, creative Self out into the world.

This season of Beltane is a powerful time, with powerful energy. And we can grab on to that energy & use it to fuel us.

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5 Self-Reflections for Beltane

Grab your journal & spend some time in self-reflection at this powerful seasonal time.

Here’s some wonderful questions to ask yourself at this time of year …

1. What is bringing you great joy right now?

2. What currently lights your spirit up? What do you feel inspired to devote your spring energy toward?

3. Do you feel connected with your sexual energy? Do you connect with that side of your self? How can you connect more deeply with that part of you?

4. What parts of yourself do you feel most confident about? Where do you need to boost your self-confidence?

5. What intentions do you want to plant for the coming weeks & months? What do you hope to grow in your life? What do you want to harvest in the fall?

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