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• Letting Go
• Death & Dying
• Magic & Mystery
Shadow Work
• Remembering our Ancestors

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Autumn Equinox
September 20-22

October 31

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The days continue to grow shorter and, after the autumn equinox, they are now shorter than the night.

The air is getting cooler. It’s now time for cozy scarves & warm autumn sweaters.

The leaves are falling. The trees are growing bare. And all life begins to decline and turn inward.

This is harvest season.

What's happening spiritually in autumn, at the Autumn Equinox (Mabon) and Samhain? Find out at

This is a time to celebrate your harvest! A time to rest and reflect on all you’ve created this year–your personal accomplishments and triumphs. These deserve to be acknowledged and celebrated.

As the old year is dying, this is the time we think about Death in our own lives. Remember and honor those you love who’ve passed on before you. Contemplate what needs to “die” within you in order to welcome the new life that will grow into next year’s harvests.

In autumn, we are preparing ourselves to be reborn with the new year. This is a time of turning inward and we begin exploring our “underground”-selves–our dreams and our intuitive powers.

This is a time to connect with they mystery & magic that is so tangible this time of year. This is an ideal time for manifesting.


gold-seed-of-life-webAutumn Articles * Blog Posts for the Autumn Equinox & Mabon. Read more at
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