Powerful Journal Qs for the Autumn Equinox – A Simple Mabon Ritual

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I always use the change of seasons as an opportunity to pause and reflect. It’s the perfect time to reflect on your life, your Self, and any growth & changes you’ve gone through over the year so far.

When we look closely at the energy present in each season & what’s happening in nature, we’re able to see the personal growth work the Earth is really supporting us in right.

Because, nature WANTS us to grow. 

Whether you consider yourself a “nature person” or not, we are all connected to this Earth. We are all living, growing things on Earth. And as such, we are affected by the forces & energy in nature–just like trees, just like the gardens, just like all the animals.

When changes occur in nature, they resonate within our own spirit.

The season is changing. The energy is changing. And there are ways your spirit wants to stretch & grow in response to that. (Or release & turn inward, as the case may be.)

These are some really powerful questions to ask yourself this time of year. Use them as journal prompts throughout Autumn.

Plan a simple, solo autumn equinox ritual. Just light a candle & journal on these seasonal questions.   

The Seasonal Soul * Solstice, Equinox

1. Reflect on the blessings you’ve received this year.

The Autumn Equinox is the time of the final harvest. When people lived more closely connected to the Earth, and grew all their food, this was the time of year they’d celebrate the summer’s abundance.

What abundance did you experience this summer? What blessings have you received? Take a moment and express real gratitude for these harvests.


2. Reflect on your personal harvests.

These are the things you’ve put energy and effort into over the last several months. And, the fruits of that beautiful effort.

What are the things in your life and within yourself that you’ve been tending and nurturing?

Think about things outside of yourself–your projects, and creations … What important projects have you brought to fruition? What are some accomplishments that you’re proud of?

But, also reflect on the things within yourself you’ve been working on. What changes have you been working on? And how have you grown since the beginning of the year?

To take your work deeper this season, click here.


3. Be frickin’ proud of yourself.

Take a look at the things you wrote about above. Sit with those for a moment. Really recognize the things you’ve accomplished and the hard work you’ve put in.

And, even if it feels cheesy, (because we’re not used to praising ourselves. Far easy to tear ourselves down, right? Which makes this next reflection so important) …

Write a note to yourself and express how proud you are of all the hard work you’ve done this year. Talk to yourself like you would a beloved friend, or your child, and let yourself know how proud you are of all your accomplishments.


4. Reflect on balance in your life. 

The Autumn Equinox is 1 of only 2 days throughout the year when the Earth is in perfect balance. That makes it an ideal time to examine balance in our own lives.

In what areas of your life to you feel really well balanced? Where do you feel like you’re rockin’ it?

Where do you feel out of balance? Why do you think that is? Give yourself 1 action item to bring things back into alignment.


5. Prepare to let go. 

In Autumn we are drawn, in particular, to the balance between life and death. Everything is dying all around us. And that death is necessary, in order for new life to grow in the spring.

That’s true for the trees and the flowers, and its true for your Self as well. In order to experience new Soul growth, we need to let go of our old leaves–old patterns and habits that no longer serve us.

What are you ready to let go of? What do you need to shed in order for new life to grow?

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The Seasonal Soul * Solstice, Equinox

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