How to Spring Clean Your Home’s Energy

How to Clean the Energy of your Home

During the cold, dark winter months we spent a lot of time stuck inside. Now that spring is here, I’m feeling ready to throw open my doors & let in the fresh air of spring.

This is the time to clear out the clutter & to mop up the dust that accumulated while we were snuggling inside all winter. It’s time to clear out the stagnant winter energy & invite in spring. 

Clearing your home’s energy will invite the warm, fresh, abundant, growth energy of spring into your life. 

Here are a few simple, really great ways, you can clear out the energy of your home & move into spring grounded & ready to bloom.

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Spring CleaningNow’s the time to clear out all the clutter that’s gathered after months of being stuck inside.

Clearing out clutter is important right now for 2 reasons: 1) Clutter is a magnet. Wherever’s there’s clutter energy collects & becomes stagnant. Clearing the clutter allows the fresh energy of spring to move freely into your house & into your life.

And 2) Clearing away clutter, getting rid of old things you don’t use or need anymore, creates space for new things to grow in your life. Early spring is an important time to do this clearing so you can make way for the abundant new growth to come.

TO DO: Pick one area of your home that bugs you. Set a timer & clean for just 15 minutes. Donate anything you haven’t used in a year. Release anything that doesn’t feel joyful.

Do this a couple nights this week & you will have significantly reduced your clutter & cleared the energy to move freely in your home.

Add plants.

Spring Cleaning - Add plants to your home.There are  many health benefits many health benefits to having plants in your home. They reduce contaminants inside & they help purify the air. And, they’re known to make you feel happy. Spring is a wonderful time to bring plants into your home–to help connect you with the powerful growth energy of spring.

You’re infusing your life with spring’s rich growth energy when you brings some plants indoor.

Here are 10 of the top air-purifying plants. 

TO DO: Choose one of these plants (bonus points if you pick 3!) and add these plants to your home. Put them wherever you’ll feel their presence most.

Sweep outside entrances.

ThSpring Cleaning: Clean Your Porchis is where most of the energy enters your home, so make sure it’s clean, clear, and fresh. Sweep the doorways & the steps. Shake out the rugs. Clean off any clutter that’s gathered on the porch.

For extra fun, consider placing a protective symbol at each entrance:

• A mirror near your front door. Place it facing out to reflect negative energy & keep it from entering your home.

• Hang a horseshoe above your door. Horseshoes are believed to repel negativity from entering your house & they  bring good luck to everyone who passes underneath it.

• Wind chimes. They’re believed to scare away evil spirits, and … who doesn’t love a tinkling wind chime?!

Clear old energy by smudging.

Smudging your home is actually a really important thing to do as we move into spring. We’ve spent a lot of months stuck inside & all the old energy from winter is still lingering in the corners. Smudging clears all that stuck energy out so we can feel fresh, light & airy as we move into spring.

Here are simple instructions for smudging your home:

1. Start in a room where the energy feels the most stagnant. (Which room do you hate spending time in right now? Start there.)

2. Light your sage. (Click here for smudging alternatives if you don’t like sage.) Let it catch fire and them blow out, like you would a stick of incense. Carry a bowl with you to catch anything that falls away from your smudging stick.

3. Start in the doorway and move in a clockwise direction through the room. Use your hand to waft the smoke into every area of the room. Raise & lower your smudging stick so the smoke gets the floor, as well as the ceiling. Pay special attention to the corners in each room, stagnant energy really likes to get stuck there.

4. To include kids: have them ring bells behind you as you smudge. The ringing also helps clear out negative energy.

5. If you’d like, in each room you can say a cleansing prayer: “I cleanse this room of negativity and any energy that doesn’t support me/us. Only happiness and positivity can grow here.”

Move in a clockwise direction around your home and repeat this process throughout every room in your house.

Protect your home from unwanted energies.

Lastly, take some time to seal your home from any negative & unwanted energy. These are fun, simple ways you can add protection to your home. (Kids love these sweet activities.)

With each of these repeat: “This home is protected. Negativity energy cannot enter here, only the fresh, warm growth energy of spring.”

• Bury a penny about 1″ deep, right side up, at each corner of your home. Copper is considered sacred to the goddesses of home, hearth & domesticity. Placing a copper penny at each corner protects your home from negative energy and evil spirits. Copper also attracts good fortune & prosperity.

• Sprinkle salt water around the outside walls of your home and at each entrance. Salt is known to have magical properties of protection, purification and healing. It absorbs all unwanted energy.

• Place crystals in the corners of your home. Black Tourmaline & Selenite are great protective crystals. After placing your crystals, find a place in the center of your home where you can sit, focus, and set your intention. Repeat the mantra above & visualize the crystals forming a powerful, protective shield around your home.

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Grab your Free Spring Equinox Download
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