Sacred Seasons • A Personal Journey Through the Wheel of the YearLooking for spiritual connections & some simple ritual & ceremony in your life? ... In a way that feels authentic & true for you?What is Sacred Seasons?

A monthly subscription delivered to your inbox on each new Moon.

Each month you receive a PDF guidebook detailing the current seasonal energies; exploring how they influence you & support your personal growth.

Each 20-page guidebook includes a mix of:

Simple ceremonies to celebrate the Solstices, Equinoxes, and other meaningful seasonal days.

 Rituals to observe the Moon, and exercises to connect with her power & magic.

 Qs for Self-Reflection; journal prompts that guide you into a conversation with your Highest Self.

 Meditations & Mantras to support your work each month.

 Tarot Spreads to tap into your own powerful intuition.

 Soul Work & other exercises to connect with the transformational energy of each season.

Your Sacred Seasons subscription also includes membership in our private Facebook group.
Join this supportive community of awesome folks who are all on this personal growth journey alongside you. As part of this group you’ll also receive extra goodies, tarot readings, live chats & more.

Tarot Spread & Ritual for the New Moon

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Create a meaningful spiritual practice by celebrating the solstice & equinoxes.What Others Have to Say:

Testimonial from Denisei absolutely love the workbook….i’ve always had very powerful seasonal pulls without realizing what it was….this workbook is 100% helping me to tap into this energy instead of trying to fight it. I feel like i’ve been looking for something like this forever. Thank u so much for putting it together. Xo
~ Denise

TestimonialsI just wanted to say how grateful I am to have found Seasonal Soul Circle. I’ve spent so much time on the internet and in books lately trying to find ritual and ceremony for the moon and seasons that really resonated with me and then there you were! With everything I was looking for all in one place! I love that you include ideas for families. Thank you.
~ Danielle

Testimonials from Sarah
💓 I feel like working on my soul work and spiritual journey is allowing me to open up to new opportunities and take bigger risks…so Thank You! Your work is greatly influencing my life!!
~ Sarah

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Recognize the Wisdom & Lessons Contained within each season.What Does It Cost?

Month Subscription to the Seasonal Soul CircleFOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY, the Sacred Seasons subscription is available for $15 per month.
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Journal Questions for the Lunar Eclipse
A conversation with your highest self about how your soul wants to grow & evolve.
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