Sacred Seasons will help you align your life with the seasons & the natural energy, so you feel ROOTED in your life – solid in yourself, despite anything else going on in the world.

I’ll show you how to tune into the seasonal energy in order to calm & heal your overloaded nervous-system. The natural energy is the soothing balm you need, I’ll show you how you can USE this healing energy in your life.

You’ll deepen your relationship with the Earth & the natural cycles, so you can stand confidently in our own personal power.

In this month's guidebook:

Click here to get your seasonal guidebook from The Seasonal Soul / Click here to get your seasonal guidebook • Includes: seasonal ritual, journal prompts, soul work & more.


Everything you need to celebrate Samhain: simple ritual, reflections &more for this sacred seasonal day.

An overview of the seasonal energy & how you can use this time to maximize your personal growth this fall.

Journal Qs to discover what is ready to be released from your life & soul work to help you finally let these things go!

Tarot spreads to connect with your ancestors &  guide you in this challenging work.

Meditations to support your work & nurture your spirit, and more!

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✧ An overview of the seasonal energy & how it’s influencing your life.

✧ Simple rituals for the seasonal holidays.

✧ Journal Qs to gain insight into your deeper thoughts & feelings.

✧ Soul work to help you align your life with the natural cycles.

✧ Tarot Spreads to connect with your intuition.

✧ Meditations to support your work & more.

✧ PLUS! A New Moon Guide outlining the natural energy & soul work to set meaningful intentions.

People have found the guidebooks alone to be transformative in their lives!


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prompts throughout the month.

✧ Reminders on the seasonal holidays
& moon cycles.

✧ Accountability to help you stay connected.

✧ A supportive community to connect with on your journey.

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Hi! 👋✨ I’m erin (she/her), your hostess on this personal growth journey. 💕

I’m founder of The Seasonal Soul. Where I provide readers with the tools to cultivate a simple, spiritual practice, and connect with their highest selves–using the transformational energy of the seasons as the foundation.

Nature wants you to grow. For over 15 years I’ve studied how the seasonal energy influences our personal growth––just like it influences the plants outside.

When your inner life is in tune with nature & the Earth, it puts you deeply in tune with your most authentic self & your Soul Purpose. I’m passionate about sharing this work with you. 💖

I always want to be more in tune with nature and the seasons … but I haven’t had the energy to keep it up. In this subscription, you do that labor for me and make it pretty. Plus you have amazing tarot spreads that bring me joy.

Testimonials from Sarah
Working on my soul work & spiritual journey is allowing me to open up to new opportunities and take bigger risks…Your work is greatly influencing my life!!
~ Sarah

Testimonial from Denise

I absolutely love the workbook….I’ve been looking for something like this forever.
~ Denise

I have always felt drawn to the seasons & had no idea where to begin with any of this at all. I’ve always wanted some sort of spiritual practice but typical practices never suited me. Your website instantly hit home for me. … I am SO thankful for this amazing subscription and group.

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