Live Summer Solstice Ritual & Workshop


This intention of this ritual is to celebrate the heat & the fire of the summer sun at its peak–on the Summer Solstice.

We’ll invite the sun’s powerful energy into your life so it can fuel you this summer; to uplift & energize you so you can build & grow everything you want during this season of lush, abundant growth.


23 June 2019 ~ 3pm EST/12pm PST*

*If you cannot attend the workshop live, a recording will be emailed immediately after.


Ritual to Celebrate the Summer Solstice.

The intention of this ritual is to celebrate the heat & fire of the summer sun at its peak.

The sun is at its peak right now & we are moving into SUMMER! ☀️🔥 This season we are being flooded with the fiery energy of the sun. Your work is to absorb as much of that summer sun as possible, in order to fuel your own inner fire.

The sun’s fire will give you extra energy & power. And you can USE that energy to invigorate & inspire your spirit. This time of year you can more easily access that fire & use it to make meaningful progress on the intentions you’ve been planting in your life.

Everything is growing really rapidly right now. All of nature is experiencing an inner drive to develop & mature–to fulfill its purpose on Earth. And the seasonal energy is pushing you in the same way. This is a time of coming into maturity.

You can use all this powerful seasonal energy to gain a clearer understanding of your own life’s purpose. You can use the sun’s fiery energy to uplift you, and energize you; it will fuel your work–in all areas of your life.

In this ritual & workshop we are going to discuss this incredibly powerful seasonal energy & invite it into our lives.

We’ll use meditation, journaling, tarot, and a sweet, simple ritual to celebrate this meaningful time of year, connect with our highest selves, and bring this summer fire into our lives so we can experience a season of profound & abundant personal growth.

This is a live online workshop. If you are unable to attend live, a video will be sent to you immediately following.

I’m really excited to connect with you & celebrate this sacred seasonal day together.
love, erin

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