5 Things to Focus On With the First New Moon of Spring

Things to Focus on for the March New Moon

This is the first moon cycle of Spring. It is a joyful time of new beginnings. New life is emerging after the dark days of Winter. Let this new life inspire HOPE for all the possibilities in all the new beginnings that lie ahead. Even if we’re in the midst of our own dark days, still spent deep inside, trust that life WILL re-emerge.

Ask yourself: what new beginnings will emerge with it?? 


1. Connect with the hopeful energy of this time.

We need this more than ever this year. Remember, Spring is a hopeful time of fresh energy & new beginnings. It may not feel like it now, but new life is emerging. And with it, new potential & new possibilities – anything is possible in the weeks & months ahead. Let yourself be excited & dream big.

2. Go slow.

Your spirit is just waking up this month. The growing seasons ahead – Spring & Summer – are a marathon, not a sprint. Don’t feel like you need to dive right into the big action of bringing new Spring intentions to life, and planting new seeds, just yet. This month we are really just in the “waking up” stage of Spring. These days are for planning & preparation.

3. Explore your new ideas with a playful spirit.

These first weeks of Spring are really just a time for deciding what we want to plant this year. Be curious. Don’t feel like you need to commit yourself to anything right now. Take time to explore different things you’re excited about. Approaching your Spring intentions & the goals you want to set for yourself with a light-hearted spirit will help you determine what you really want to plant this year. It will help you see what ideas excite you deeply enough that you’re really willing to commit the time & energy required to nurture & cultivate them long enough to bring those dreams to harvest.

4. Tend your inner soil. 

The gardener knows before any seeds can be planted, the soil must be rich enough to support new life. After the harsh Winter months the soil requires tending – it needs nutrients & fertilizer. Before we can plant our own seeds of personal growth, we need to take stock of our own inner soil. What does your body & your spirit need right now in order to provide the rich, fertile ground required for new seeds to take root?

5. Connect with your body.  

After month’s spent focusing on our inner worlds, this month we are shifting back into our bodies. Our bodies have spent the last several months resting, we’ve been in a more sedentary time. Now our bodies are waking up after months spent resting. How can you reconnect with your body right now & bring more physical activity into your life again?

This month we look at how to nurture our spirits in order to support the abundant new growth that lies ahead for us this year.

This month’s guidebook includes:

a new moon ritual to invite this month’s energy of hope & confidence into your life
meditations for grounding & support
yoga sequence to connect with your body
how to set Spring intentions you’ll actually keep
a full moon ritual to nourish your spirit & provide clarity for the months ahead
tarot spreads to connect with your body, mind & spirit, and for this month’s moon phases
and more!! 😉

cancel anytime.

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