A Simple Autumn Equinox Ritual: Release Whatever’s Holding You Back

The tree doesn’t overthink shedding its leaves. It just knows.

The season is changing. Its leaves served their purpose. They’ve reached their end. And the tree, just, gracefully … lets them go.

The tree knows its time to rest. It knows it’s time to turn inward and do the inside work of creating new life, new growth–Spring’s fresh leaves and its gorgeous flowers.

But first … it has to let go.

The same is true for us, as well.

In order to experience beautiful, vibrant new growth in our own lives, we have to let go of the things we just don’t need anymore. Those things that no longer serve us, things we’ve outgrown, things that are holding us back.

In order to transform and grow, we have to first let go.

“It is always important to know when something has reached its end. Closing circles, shutting doors, finishing chapters, it doesn’t matter what we call it…”
-Paulo Coehlo

This is the time to mentally clean house. The dark days ahead are for dreaming and manifesting and making plans for all the new growth and change we’ll experience next year. Let’s spend this first part of autumn getting rid of the mental clutter that will only get in the way of that work.

Here’s a super simple, really approachable solo ritual I found that I plan to do to observe this year’s Autumn Equinox. You can also do it anytime this Autumn (and whenever you find have something to let go of).

A Simple Mabon Ritual for Releasing What Holds You Back. Read more about observing the Autumn Equinox at www.TheSeasonalSoul.com


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