Erin Bruce • The Seasonal Soul

I craved a deeper connection with my Self – my authentic self, my Truth, my purpose. And, I wanted more spiritual connection in my life; a connection with the sacred, the Divine, the Universe, ‘God’.

But, I’m a busy mom with two kids. My life is ruled by school pickups, sports, dinner, groceries, laundry … You get it. Life gets hectic.

Getting lost in the frenzy of modern life
had me feeling really disconnected.

I was disconnected from myself, from others, from the Earth & Spirit. I’d become lost & buried by modern life. My spirit was getting crushed under the weight of it all.

And always, in the back of my busy mind, I had this overwhelming desire to create a meaningful spiritual practice in my life. Something that anchored me – something that helped me feel deeply connected to myself, and to the ✨magic✨ that surrounds us.

I've always been drawn to the changing seasons ...

Since I was very young, the Solstices & the Equinoxes felt sacred to me. Deep down, I knew there was a connection to the Divine for me here. So I decided to start here.

Once I began studying these sacred seasonal days it became clear to me that the seasonal energy affects every part of our lives.

Nature wants you to grow.

Just like all the other living things on Earth, we are affected by the shifting seasonal energy, and that energy is encouraging you to grow & evolve.

The different seasons support you in different kinds of personal growth work. The work you can be doing to grow & evolve in spring, is different than the work you do in autumn. Nature doesn’t grow in the same way in spring as it does it autumn, and neither do you.

Understanding this has been a total game-changer for me in my quest for deeper connection in my life.

The seasonal days have become a time for me to pause & connect with the sacred, the Divine. I’ve learned how to create super simple rituals in my life, to feel that spiritual connection I’ve yearned for.

And they’ve become a time to check in with myself & honor where I am on my personal growth journey. I’ve learned how to use the seasonal energy to connect with my highest self, with my path & my Purpose.

Because I want to help guide you into a deeper connection with your authentic self, and a deep connection with the Divine. This work is part spiritual practice & part personal growth.

Because I know you are looking for deeper connection too – to connect to the person you are under all the layers of life & commitments & our masculine approach to modern life.

The Seasonal Soul will help you find that connection – connection with the deepest parts of yourself, and with the Divine. And it will show you how you can USE the seasonal energy to grow & evolve– so you can shine your own beautiful, brilliant light into the world with strength & confidence.

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