The Seasonal Soul is an online magazine exploring ways to celebrate, connect, and honor the seasons.

What IS The Seasonal Soul?

I believe the seasons have an effect on us. Read more at

Just like they affect the trees and the flowers and the cycles of nearly all living things on Earth – I believe the seasons also have an effect on us; on our lives and on our spirits.

I believe we can use the wisdom and the energy of each season to nourish our spirits, to empower our selves, to change and grow, and to fuel our lives – body, mind & soul.

The Seasonal Soul is an online magazine & blog exploring simple, inspired, meaningful ways to connect our Souls with the Seasons.

At each turn of the season, we’ll look at what’s happening in nature and explore how the changes in nature are affecting our lives – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Through prompts for self-reflection and journaling, ideas for mindful outdoor adventures, simple meditations, seasonal recipes, inspiring activities you can do with kids in your life, and more; we’ll practice connecting with the seasons in simple, approachable, grounded, and really rich, lovely ways.

The Seasonal Soul is a journey we all are on together.

A thoughtful, inspiring, sacred journey of aligning our lives with the seasons and experiencing the wisdom, the insight, the nourishment & the magic that comes from that connection


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Here I am with my little family on the Spring Equinox this year. 2016. We rode the Seattle lightrail to the brand new UW stop and visited the magnificent UW cherry trees, all in bloom.

I always try to plan special adventures and activities with my family to acknowledge the change of the seasons. Sometimes when I’m really on my game we’ll do a craft of some kind, or I’ll prepare a special meal. Usually it’s simply a walk, or a hike, to be outside and experience and observe the changes happening in nature.

I believe those powerful days at the change of the seasons, the Solstices & the Equinoxes, are moments you can connect with the Divine – your Higher Power, the Universe, God.

These are powerful moments throughout the year when I try to pause and reflect on the energy of the season. Are things growing and joyful and blooming? Or are they waning, dying, turning inward?

I believe we can really nourish our souls and fuel our lives by simply being mindful of the energy of the season.

For the past 10+ years I’ve craved a meaningful, seasonal, spiritual practice. I yearn to teach my kids about the power and the importance of the seasons.

And, sometimes, we do experience really meaningful seasonal moments. We’ve lit fires on the Summer Solstice. We’ve given thanks on the Autumn Equinox and remembered our beloved dead at mid-Autumn (Halloween). But, it’s certainly been in fits and spurts. Life gets busy and things get hectic. And, despite my best intentions to acknowledge and honor and teach my kids about the seasons … life gets in the way.

And throughout the years when I’ve tried to learn more about the seasons, and seek some deeper seasonal spiritual wisdom, I’ve had to dig through a lot of practices and rituals and information that is a bit more esoteric than what I crave.

I want to develop a seasonal spiritual practice that is approachable, and lovely, and simple.

I believe we can experience that connection with the Divine by simply being mindful and really present in each season.

So, I created The Seasonal Soul.

For me, The Seasonal Soul is a journey. It’s a commitment I am making. I am committing to being mindful in each season, and developing a real seasonal spiritual practice, by engaging in the exercises and activities that I write about. You can read about my personal Seasonal Soul journey on my blog.

But, I also created The Seasonal Soul as a place where other people, you, my dear friends, can find information and ideas about living a more seasonally connected life. Ideas that are approachable, simple, self-reflective, and fun.

I want to challenge you, and all of us here, together, to spend a year connecting mindfully with the ebb and flow of the seasons. And to experience the growth and richness and nourishment and inspiration that comes from living a more seasonally connected life.


The Seasonal Soul • Aligning your life with the seasons.
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The Seasonal Soul - Exploring simple, grounded, meaningful ways to add a seasonal component to your spiritual practice. Read more at

The Seasonal Soul swooshes.
Watch nature & she'll show you where to focus your energy each season.