Use the transformational energy of the seasons to create a spiritual practice & nurture your personal growth.

Understand how you're influenced by the seasonal energy with my free Wheel of the Year eBook & Journal.

Erin Bruce • The Seasonal Soul
Like an astrologer uses the stars & the planets, I use the seasons as a tool to understand the prevalent energy & how it influences our lives. ✨

Just as everything in nature has their stages of growth & evolution throughout the year – we, also, have our own stages of growth & evolution that are possible each season.

My work here will show you what those possibilities are, and how you can use the seasonal energy to grow & expand to your fullest potential throughout the year.

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Erin Bruce • The Seasonal Soul

Beltane Ritual, Tarot Spread, Reflections & More

Reconnect with the seasonal energy, and discover all the growth & power available to you at Beltane.

This guidebook gives you so many beautiful tools & resources to connect with this powerful time, and use the mid-Spring energy to connect deeply with your highest self, to come back into your physical body, and to develop deeper confidence in yourself as we move toward the fire season of Summer.


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Watch nature & she'll show you where to focus your energy each season.