Bring Your New Year Dreams to Life with this Winter Solstice Ritual

Yule Ritual to Bring New Year Dreams to Life

This ritual is intended to open you up to the New Year’s positivity & possibility. It is designed to leave behind any negativity in the old year & make your New Year wishes become a reality.

It’s based on a ritual I purchased from Wicca Teachings. It’s a beautiful, little pre-packaged ritual, complete with essential oils & a crystal that’s been blessed in the moonlight. (I encourage you to check out Tony Bell & scoop up any rituals he creates. He only does a limited amount & they are really lovely.)

Prior to the ritual, spend some time really reflecting on the following questions. I encourage you to write these things down in your journal.

1. What do you want to leave behind with the old year?

Think about any limiting beliefs you’re holding onto that you’re ready to let go off. Any negativity that is weighing on your spirit.

2. What are your hopes & wishes for the new year?

Get really clear & very specific about what you’d like to draw into your life. The clearer you are the more power the ritual will hold.

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Supplies Needed:

• A candle you can safely burn to the end
• Crystals*
• Essential oil*
• Incense*

 *suggestions for crystals, essential oils & incense with properties that suit this ritual discussed in the steps below. But don’t let this distract you from performing the ritual. Use whatever you have. Improvise. The real power of the ritual is the intention you place behind it, not the accoutrements

1. Take a few deep breaths to ground & center.

Take your time here. Don’t rush. Take several deep breaths and use any grounding technique that work for you.

I like to imagine a root extending from my the base of my spine& growing deep into the Earth. I picture it anchoring onto giant, powerful crystal.

Spend a few minutes feeling the Earth energy traveling up your root, through your body & all your chakras. Imagine that energy bursting through your crown chakra & extending far into the heavens. Feel the Divine energy entering your body through your crown chakra.

Sit here for a few minutes, feel yourself to connected to the Divine above & Mother Earth below.

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2. Cleanse & empower your crystal.

Light your incense & hold the crystal over the smoke to cleanse it. This clears space & empowers the crystal to absorb the negative energy you want to leave behind.

Crystals that are ideal for absorbing negativity are: black stones like hematite, obsidian, smoky quartz; rose quartz.

Incense ideal for this work include: sage, sandalwood & sweetgrass

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3. Hold your crystal in your hand.

Close your eyes. Feel its vibration.

Ask the crystal to help you, and absorb the negative thoughts & limiting beliefs you want to leave behind with the old year.

Think about what you want to leave behind & let it flow into your crystal.

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4. Hold your candle in your hands.

Close your eyes & think about all the hopes you have for the new year.

As you hold your candle say out loud your hopes & dreams for the new year. Read what you wrote for the Qs above. Don’t hold back. The clearer you are, the more energy you will give the candle.

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5. Rub several drops of essential oil in your hands & onto your candle.

Ideal essential oils for this work include: Cypress, brings transformation & change; Frankensense, helps ignite your relationship with spirit & lifts depressed energy; Myrrh, opens your mind to receiving the Universe’s gifts

As you rub the candle, ask the Universe to hear your call. Ask for help bringing your dreams to life; help in realizing your own power.

Place your candle somewhere it can safely burn all the way down.

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6. Light your candle and say a prayer:

Say a prayer that all your hopes will manifest with the flame of this fire. Ask for all your limiting beliefs & negativity to be burned away. Ask for this Yule flame to light the spark of your hopes & dreams for the year, and to give you the strength & power to bring them to life.

Welcome this new turn of the Wheel with an open mind & an open heart.

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7. Spend a few moments in meditation.

Close your eyes or gaze into the flame of your candle. Send a silent prayer of thanks to the Universe.

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  1. Dear Erin,
    Thank you for your words, your recommendations and thank you for your time and the good vibes.
    Happy Yule!! May all your dreams come true!!

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