Themes of Spring
What are the themes of spring?

• Balance
• Rebirth
• Emergence
• Fertility
• Creativity
• Growth
• Pleasure
• Joy

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Spring Equinox
Monday • March 20th, 2017

Monday • May 1st, 2017

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At the Spring Equinox day & night are equal and spring is beginning!

The natural world is reawakening & the Earth is reborn. Bulbs are sprouting & flowering. New shoots are appearing. Fruit trees are blossoming. Everything is fertile & reproducing.

We are shifting from the earth energy of winter to the airiness of spring. The outside world is joyful & fresh.

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At the Spring Equinox balance begins to return to our lives, after a time of transition & change at the end of winter.

This time of year our winter dreams & ideas begin to show signs of life around us. We are also hatching new plans. At spring we experience a rebirth of our personal power to achieve big things in this world.

As we move toward mid-spring & Beltane, our spirits (and bodies!) are brimming with sexual energy & vitality. This is the time of year to experience & appreciate all the things in life that bring us pleasure.

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