Why the Spring Equinox is Meaningful & How to Observe this Sacred Day

What does the Spring Equinox mean?

Why is the Spring Equinox Meaningful?

Download a free spring equinox ritual for OstaraDay & night, the light & the dark, are equal. The Earth is in perfect balance. But, the balance has shifted. Winter & darkness is waning; spring time & the light is now growing.

Spring is nature’s reminder that after death comes rebirth. It’s a celebration of renewal. The life force is rising again, when all seem dead & hopeless. The Earth is coming alive again! Of all the seasons, spring pays homage to life’s eternal power of reincarnation.

Life is awakening as the days grow longer & the sun grows warmer.

The Spring Equinox is a joyful holiday centered around rebirth & growth.


What's Happening in Nature at the Spring Equinox?Spring is beginning!!

The outside world takes on a special, almost psychedelic, magic. The Earth is being reborn & nature is awakening. Seeds buried in the ground are coming to life as new shoots. Bulbs are sprouting & flowering. The fruit trees are blossoming.

We are shifting from the earth energy of winter to the light, airy energy of spring.


What's happening spiritually at the Spring Equinox?

Balance is returning to our lives after the tumultuous weeks at the end of winter. The last half of winter is a time of transition & change, as we come out of winter’s time of rest & dreaming. And often that causes life to be a bit bumpy & funky. The Spring Equinox brings a return of some equilibrium to our lives.

In spring, spirit is taking a plunge into matter. This is the time that our winter dreams & ideas are manifesting into form. We are beginning to see things sprouting to life around us.

This is also a time for hatching new ideas. This time of year there’s a rebirth of our own power to achieve great things in life. We’re excited & energized to accomplish new, big dreams.

Rituals to Celebrate the Spring Equinox

Wake up at Dawn

Spring is associated with dawn & new beginnings. After the Spring Equinox the light overtakes the dark, the sun is now more powerful than the night. Plan to wake up & watch the sunrise. Toast the growing sun on this sacred seasonal day.

Do an Egg Hunt

Let’s be real, most of what we celebrate at Easter is really in acknowledgement of spring–the bunnies, the eggs, the pastel colors. These are all elements of Spring & the Pagan holiday Ostara. So, why not hold your egg hunt on the Spring Equinox instead of Easter? It will provide you with an awesome opportunity to talk to kids about the significance of this sacred seasonal day.

Replace the traditional Easter basket with a hidden nest filled with crystals & flowers and other earthly delights.

Plan an Ostara Meal 

Traditional Ostara meals celebrating this sacred seasonal day include (what else …) eggs! Make a quiche or some other egg-centric meal for dinner.

Take turns saying what you’d like to see blossom & grow in your life & in your family.

Make some fun plans for the upcoming months of spring & summer. Send energy into the world to help manifest your wishes.

Look for signs of Spring

Plan a special Spring Equinox walk to look for signs of spring.

In my family we like to do “Finds.” See who can find the most signs of spring as you walk. Or, like an egg hunt, see who can find things first.

What are your favorite trees, bushes & flowers blooming right now? Take note of all the beautiful things budding in your neighborhood. Continue walking & watching them throughout the spring, see how things morph & change.

Open a Window

I have a tradition of leaving the window open on the night of the Spring Equinox. I love hearing the birds chirping when I wake up in the morning. I love to smell the fresh, damp smells. It lets me know spring is here!

Spring Equinox Ritual  

Do you need more balance in your life? Download my free Spring Equinox ritual & workbook. Includes a sweet ritual, journal Qs & a breathing meditation–all designed to help you restore balance after the heavy last few weeks of winter.

Spring Equinox Ritual & Workbook


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