The Seasonal Soul Circle • A Sacred Journey through the Wheel of the Year - The Seasonal Soul
The Seasonal Soul Circle • A Sacred Journey Through the Wheel of the Year

Join the Seasonal Soul Circle for a Free Summer Solstice Ritual

The Seasonal Soul Circle is a monthly subscription that runs with the cycles of the moon. On each New Moon you’ll receive a PDF guidebook filled with information about the seasonal energy, and soul work to connect you with the season’s wisdom & power.

Each month’s guidebook contains a mix of: simple rituals & ceremonies to connect with the solstices, equinoxes & phases of the moon, journal questions, meditations & mantras for the month, seasonal tarot card spreads, and more. All Soul Circle exercises are designed to fuel your personal growth & strengthen your connection with the Sacred.

(As a subscriber you’ll also receive access to the private Seasonal Soul Circle Facebook group. There you’ll find a sweet, supportive community, and more fun freebies & goodies.)

Through the wisdom of the changing seasons, you begin this beautiful conversation with your Inner Truth–your most authentic self.

Join the Seasonal Soul Circle and
discover how your Soul wants to grow & evolve. 

To celebrate the Summer Solstice,
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Month Subscription to the Seasonal Soul Circle
Annual Subscription to the Seasonal Soul Circle
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Who is the Seasonal Soul Circle for?

Journal Questions for the Lunar Eclipse Anyone who feels drawn to the Solstices, Equinoxes & other sacred seasonal days. • Are you interested in learning more about them? Want to learn how to connect with, celebrate  observe these meaningful days?

Anyone yearning for a deeper spiritual connection & a regular spiritual practice in their life. • Have you struggled with where to start or how to fit this into hectic, daily life?

Anyone looking for a deeper connection to their truest, most authentic self. Do you want to discover all the ways your Soul wants to grow & evolve?

Anyone who wants to develop or strengthen their relationship with the sacred, with nature, with the magic & mystery that surrounds us all the time.


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What You'll Receive in the Seasonal Soul Circle:

Once a month, on the New Moon, you’ll receive a PDF guidebook filled with information & exercises connecting you with the seasonal energy & sacred days in the month ahead.

Each month’s guidebook includes:

 A detailed description of the seasonal energy for the month ahead. –We’ll cover how this energy is affecting you–your spirit, your energy, & your life. We’ll look at what wisdom & lessons the month ahead contains. And how does it support your personal growth?

Detailed information about any sacred seasonal days in the month ahead–the solstices, equinoxes & cross-quarter days. We’ll cover the history of these sacred days, and discuss what its themes are & what inner work it’s encouraging us to engage in.

Sweet, simple rituals/ceremony to observe the coming sacred days & phases of the moon.

Soul work/monthly exercises designed to facilitate your personal growth & evolution.

Journal questions to reflect on.

Tarot/oracle card spreads for the moon cycle & sacred days. We’ll use tarot to tap into your intuition & the magic available on these powerful days. (*No tarot experience or previous knowledge necessary!!)

Seasonal meditations & mantras to use for the month & keep your work moving forward.

>>—>>> As a subscriber you’ll also receive access to the private Seasonal Soul Circle Facebook group where you can engage in the exercises & discuss your experiences in an intimate, interactive environment. As a part of this group  you’ll also receive extra goodies that isn’t available anywhere else.

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What does it cost to join the Seasonal Soul Circle?

Just $15 per month, or $150 for the whole year!!

Your monthly subscription renews automatically, but you can easily opt-out at any time. There are no refunds for annual subscriptions. 

Enrollment now open! 

Month Subscription to the Seasonal Soul Circle
Annual Subscription to the Seasonal Soul Circle
Seasonal Soul Circle - Learn about the Solstices & the Equinoxes and how they influence your life.
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