New Beginnings New Moon Tarot Spread

Spring is here. And with it, new beginnings are being born in your life. Can you feel it?!!

Spring has an exciting & inspiring energy about it. Like anything is possible. You might be feeling alive with new ideas. You might be feeling ready to release new dreams & intentions into the Universe.

Spring brings a rebirth of your power to achieve great things in this world.

Today–Monday, March 27–is the first New Moon of spring.*

The New Moon also brings new beginnings. On the New Moon we enter a new cycle. A new door is opening.

This first new moon of spring is a beautiful time to explore the new beginnings in your life–
What’s coming to life with you?
How can you nurture that new life?

Below is a Tarot Spread I created for this special New Moon, to explore what is new life is being born in you & how you can nurture it.

If you’ve never tried Tarot cards I really encourage you to give it a go. It’s simple, you don’t need any special training or knowledge.

Just shuffle your cards & lay them out in the order below. Read about each card in the deck’s booklet. I promise the cards will provide you with some really beautiful self-reflection.

New Moon blessings to you, dear one.

*This specific New Moon was earlier this spring. But this is a great Tarot Spread to do with any of the New Moons in Spring.

The Seasonal Soul * Solstice, Equinox

New Moon Tarot Spread for New Beginnings

New Moon Tarot Spread for New Beginnings at Spring1. What is coming to life within me?

(I decided to try drawing 2 cards with this spread. These 2 decks are very different. One is a more tradition Tarot deck and the other is all flower energies & their attributes. I thought since its a spring reading, including these flower energies would be a fun addition.)

For this question I drew: The Acrobat & Chamomile/Stability.

After some reflection on the meanings of these cards I knew that they were telling me what is coming to life within me is the ability to see things from different perspective. And that I am learning to use that ability to face any difficulties in a calm & harmonious way.

New Beginnings Tarot Spread for the New Moon2. How can I nurture this new life? 

I drew: 5 of Mirrors & Plumbago/Understanding

These cards are telling me I can nurture this new life by forgiving myself!

I need to be compassionate with myself for all the times self-judgement held me back. And, I need to explore my shadow side to gain a better understanding of where that self-judgement comes from. With a better understanding I can let go of all those old, limiting beliefs.

Its time to embrace the beautiful, amazing, powerful goddess that you are!

Tarot Spread for New Beginnings & the New Moon3. What is standing in my way?  

I drew: The Devil & Iris/Inspiration

The Devil. She tells me I’m not showing my Truth; she tells me not to hide. I need to let my inspiration & creativity flow.

I need to cultivate beauty within myself. But I also need to let go of my ego’s attachment to beauty. This is about being your true, divine self. Not being worried about numbers on a scale, material world beauty.

4. What advice can the cards give to embrace these new beginnings? 

New Moon Tarot Spread for New Beginnings at Spring & OstaraI drew: 7 of Spirals & Nasturtium/Vitality

This 7 of Spirals, Mama Bear, has been following me around everywhere the past few weeks. She’s shown up in every reading recently. She is telling me to be confident! To assert myself with authority. Be tenacious & determined.

These cards are also telling me that my physical self needs to come into balance with my spiritual self. No more procrastinating! It’s time to get really serious about my physical health.

The Seasonal Soul * Solstice, Equinox

I’d love to hear about the insights you receive with this spread. Please leave a comment below.

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