Autumn Soul Session • Deepen your Spiritual Practice with this Seasonal Course

What IS the Seasonal Soul Sessions?

An autumn soul intensive.

Using the energy & themes of autumn we’ll engage in soul work designed to connect you to your Truest Self & uncover your Soul’s deepest desires. You’ll receive weekly guidebooks filled with simple, beautiful exercises to facilitate your personal growth & evolution.

A deep dive into the seasonal energy. 

We’ll look closely at the themes & energies present in autumn. You’ll discover how these affect you–your spirit, your energy & your life. We’ll explore how can you tap into & use that seasonal energy to facilitate your personal & spiritual growth.

A daily spiritual practice for fall. 

Weekly guidebooks will include simple exercises you can incorporate into your daily life to help you feel connected to, and supported by, the Divine on a daily basis. You’ll receive simple rituals you can use to observe the moon cycle & Samhain. 

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Weekly guidebooks, delivered via PDF, include:

• Detailed description of the seasonal energy. 
We’ll look closely at what’s happening in nature, and how it affects your life & your spiritual growth.

• The history & meaning of Samhain. Solo rituals to observe this sacred day & ways to include your family in your celebration.

• Native wisdom about the moon cycle we’ll be observing:
What is this moon cycle called? What wisdom does it bring? How can you use its energy to support you?

• Journal Qs & Reflections.
Use the themes of the season to start a conversation with your True Self. Discover the ways your Soul wants to evolve.

• Tarot Spreads for the New Moon & Samhain.
Tap into your intuition & the magic available on these powerful days. (*No Tarot experience necessary!!)

• Seasonal meditations & mantras to keep your work moving forward.

• Seasonal Soul Work.
Exercises to fuel your growth, and connect you with the Divine.


Each call includes a simple ceremony to observe the New Moon, Samhain & the Dark Moon. Calls will be recorded, if you can’t join live.


A beautiful opportunity for all of us to connect. We’ll discuss our experiences throughout the season & support each other in our work.

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What We'll Do

We’ll gather for one moon cycle in mid-autumn, Oct. 19-Nov. 19.

The changing seasons are a roadmap of the spiritual work you can do at each point throughout the year to grow & evolve.

During this time we’ll:

• Dive deep into the themes present this time of year. What wisdom is nature sharing with us?

• Explore how this seasonal energy affects our lives. What inner work is the season encouraging you to do?

• Discover how to tap into the seasonal energy to grow & evolve. How can you use the wisdom of the season to start a beautiful conversation with your Highest Self?

We’ll have 3 live group calls. 

• On the New Moon, 10/19
We’ll join in a sacred circle to connect with the new moon & set our intentions for this month together.

• For Samhain, 11/1
We’ll gather to observe the sacred seasonal day, Samhain, by lighting a candle & holding a short ceremony. We’ll discuss the meaning & importance of the day.

• Closing Call, 11/16
We’ll gather one last time to close our circle. We’ll discuss how to continue to engage in the autumn soul work throughout the season.

*Calls will be recorded if you can’t make it live.

We’ll do soul work designed to start a conversation with your Highest Self & connect you to the Divine.   

• You’ll receive 4 weekly guidebooks filled with information about the season, it’s energy, and the work it’s encouraging you to do.

• Each guidebook includes weekly exercises & soul work designed to connect you to your Truth & discover Soul’s Purpose.  Exercises include: journal Qs, self-reflections, tarot spreads, meditations, daily mantras, and more.

* Do the work that speaks to you. Take what feels right & leave the rest. My work is all about helping you find the tools that speak you YOUR soul on this spiritual journey. 

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What You'll Experience

Nature wants you to grow. Discover how it supports you, how it fuels your personal & spiritual growth.

Deep connection.

When you observe the cycles of the Earth & the Moon in this way, you begin to create a deep connection with nature. You connect with the Divine, and your Higher Self, and with all the magic that surrounds you all the time.

A beautiful look within yourself.

Through the wisdom of the changing seasons, you’ll begin an ongoing conversation with your Higher Self about how your Soul wants to grow & evolve. Discover the path to your Truth & your Higher Purpose.

Growth & Transformation.

These Seasonal Soul Sessions help you identify the big shifts, the soul evolution, you want to experience in your life. It’s astonishing how your life transforms when you follow the ebb & flow of the seasons–when you pay attention to its wisdom & engage with its supportive energy.

An ongoing spiritual practice.

Create a spiritual practice, a relationship with the Divine, that really fits You. One that speaks to your Soul, and feels meaningful & powerful to you

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I loved last night’s ritual, I loved how accessible it was, how simple and deep; I loved being able to insert my own little touches, I loved being reminded to stay playful and flexible, and I loved being guided and reminded and prompted. I LOVED IT. I felt so held! I didn’t have to be thinking and creating the space, I could just fill it!”
• Cricket

“Hi Erin, I am beyond excited that by the magical powers of social media I stumbled across website. I am a mom of two small children. My spiritual self has been desperate for some structure and focus and your workbooks are exactly what I need. Thank you! I look forward to starting my intentional spiritual journey and hope to share with my family as I go along. ❤ Beautiful work.”
• Christina

“From start to end, I felt wrapped in a warm glowing light that coaxed me saying it is time to spread your wings, time to transform and become the beautiful butterfly you are. The whole time I was warmed with self love and a feeling of peace.”

“Thank you for all of your conscientious efforts in putting together these inspiring ideas of integrating ancient traditions into our crazy modern times….  I find these perspectives very refreshing”

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